ICD-10 For Plastic Surgery
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Implementation of a new diagnosis coding system, ICD-10-CM, is the new reality! This means claims for a date of service on 10/1/15 or later must use ICD-10-CM codes, not ICD-9-CM diagnosis codes (ICD-9-CM), unless you are billing some non-HIPAA covered entities such as Work Comp who might still require ICD-9-CM.

This targeted webinar, for plastic surgeons, focuses on the most important things you need to know about ICD-10-CM. The instruction is specific to plastic surgery; you won’t hear anything about obstetrics or rheumatology here!

Do you think you won’t be affected by the change to ICD-10-CM because someone else in your practice does the coding or you outsource your coding? Think again! It is your documentation that drives the codes chosen by your coder or billing service. Therefore, you need to know what to document even if you aren’t coding. If you are doing your own coding – kudos to you! This webinar will help you identify what is different about ICD-10-CM compared to ICD-9-CM (besides the fact that there are far more codes!) the categories of codes you use most commonly, as well as help you identify documentation needs to support ICD-10-CM.

The webinar will cover the key coding and documentation issues necessary for the following diagnoses and conditions: • Breast reconstruction as well as reduction and mastopexy procedures – what diagnosis codes you should use • Injuries – lacerations as well as hand/wrist/finger injuries and burns/corrosions including the new 7th character for the episode of code designation (initial vs subsequent encounter, sequela) • Skin lesions and other neoplasms – malignant vs benign vs uncertain behavior vs unspecified behavior • Nervous system conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome • Skin disorders such as pressure ulcers, non-pressure ulcers, scars, actinic keratosis and sebaceous cysts (now more than one code!).

This fast paced and concise webinar is designed for plastic surgeons, plastic surgery fellows and residents, office managers, billers and coders. It is conducted by an instructor you've known and trusted for plastic surgery coding education - Kim Pollock, RN, MBA, CPC, CMDP. She understands what you need to know and will deliver the plastic surgery specific information you must have to successfully document in ICD-10-CM!