IZD-10 “Injury Guy” Reference Cards for Orthopaedics
IZD-10 “Injury Guy” Reference Cards for Orthopaedics Quantity in Basket: None

The “Injury Guy” was developed specifically for orthopaedic surgeons to take the pain out of injury coding.

“Injury Guy” is a KZA exclusive that allows the user to identify the category (first three characters) of all acute/traumatic injuries without opening the ICD-10 book.

Using the logic behind the reorganization of the injury chapter, this double-sided laminated coding guide uses color coordination and essential lists to make the first step in reporting an injury diagnoses a snap.There are prompts indicating when additional codes should be listed, such as those for open wounds or additional injuries.

On the flip side, find all 7th character options for all injuries; they are represented in concise tables with headers that instruct when each should be used. Injury coding tips and technology look-up terms are also included. Injury codes dominate ICD-10 with over 54% residing in this chapter.

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